2008. február 22., péntek

Ecseri Piac - Waiting

This is a poem that came out of my visit to Ecseri Piac. It was written for my poetry portfolio, but is obviously relevant to my visual work as well. Our next stage in the project is to apply words to the photographs and postcards we bought from the Piac, as well as to our own photographs. It would be interesting to try to blend the work we are creating in poetry with our visual project.


I rode a red 54
away from the city’s saturated

colour to the faded outskirts.
It began to snow.

I found a guitar
in the rubble
of Ecseri Piac
and sliced my finger
on the rusty top E.
‘For decoration’

This place
is: a gas mask,
a machine gun,
car parts,
a rocking horse,
medals, photographs,
confiscated violins
lined up in silence.

tessellated and locked
inside a cage.


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shaun írta...

Hi Angus

Now I do not profess to being an expert on poetry, but I do know that through language, both the formal qualities and the use of metaphor, for instance, you can evoke a sense, an emotive response. Exactly the same apparatus, and mode of interpretation as an image. The trick is to create a dialogue between the two.