2008. február 18., hétfő

Lost and Found

Today we came across some unexpected inspiration from a flea market on the outskirts of Budapest. Being a Monday it was partially closed and the sense of distance it gave - the closed doors, the caged off articles, the language barriers between the merchants and ourselves- was immensely photogenic. This, coupled with the discovery of a box of old postcards and photographs, has pushed our interests towards photography. Not just from the aspect of taking, but also finding photographs. We have been interested in some critical essays regarding photography and the significance of photographs, but that will be a post in itself. Rather than creating sculpture and undermining it with language we are now interested in achieving the same effect with photography. Previously the language we had been interested in were concrete nouns, after a discussion today we have decided there is more depth in abstract nouns and adjectives. For example words like dark and love are more leading.

The rest of today's images are over at Flickr and there are more to follow.

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shaun írta...

Hi again

You should look at 'Getting by and Making do,' Richard Wentworth's ever expanding archive of Photographic Sculptures. (http://www.core77.com/reactor/03.07_parallel.asp) and (http://www.lissongallery.com/artists/richard-wentworth/)

With quite simple, almost arbitrary objects, sometime place in conjunction with other objects, Wentworth isolates them, framing them with the photograph, removing them from their original context and then bringing them into a new one. With this simple process, he turns these mundane instances into sculpture, imbuing them with perceived meaning. In much the same way you have done with some of your photographs. We will read the visual clues within the image and take meaning from them. You can further manipulate this process by adding a further element - such as text.

I hate to bring up the Critical Studies, but we need to start this conversation here. We can do it within this blog or within your other ones; this is up to you?

You can certainly elect to critically explore themes centred around your photographic work here.

What do you think?

angus írta...

Hi Shaun,

As far as CrS, I was particularly interested in the idea that photography has seen a shift from photographing the significant to making something significant by photographing it. I think it was a Barthes quote from the Tourist Gaze essay (I don't have it to hand). I thought this could tie in with the photojournal idea on the list of possible questions. I think a lot of the stuff me and Laura are looking at for our Word and Image project could become part of an essay - so I'm happy to talk about it on here, but I can't speak for Laura. But certainly I'm very keen on my essay centering around photography.

Word Image írta...

I am more than happy to talk about Critical Studies here because I think a lot of what we are doing interlinks with themes in the texts you gave us. I am finding it all very interesting and think I would definitely like my essay to be a progression of some of our thoughts and ideas on here.