2008. november 21., péntek


A few weeks into my project now, I feel the need to consolidate and collate what I have done so far in order to move my project further. It seems my images can be separated into two categories. The first are those which can be appreciated for their formal aspects; by this I mean their composition, tonality and colour. These images are interesting in a technical and perhaps geometric sense, although they were criticised during tutorial time with Regina Sulskyte for lacking any sense or suggestion of the human and therefore not raising questions; these questions of course are where we create narratives in our readings of works.

I have said that my work is intended to be linked to my poetry and I have been creating this link through means of composition, looking at constructing a photograph in much the same way I would construct a poem, and this is the position of my second category lyrical photography. These images seem almost in opposition to the first group; they have more of a sense of place, they feature the human more predominantly and have more space for the reader to create a narrative.

What I am striving for is the point where these two categories intersect. The former group of technical images can be likened to the formal aspects of a poem, the structure, metre, form etc. The latter group can then be seen as the content of the poem; the metaphors, similes and images we are presented with, from which we create a narrative. This likening to poetry is part of the reason I feel it is important to have some hint at the human in my photography; in poetry there is always a voice, a speaker and in turn a human present in the piece. When we are faced with the kind of landscapes I have been photographing without any trace of the human it is hard to look at it as much more than a technical display. These are a couple of images which I lay in the middle of this venn diagram of themes:

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