2008. november 2., vasárnap

Moving Photographs

I took these images and videos with little in mind other than the fact the videos had to be very still, that they had to have as little movement as possible so that they might be considered ‘moving photographs’. Upon looking back through what I had photographed I realised there was a sense of man made objects and natural objects playing off one another. This was entirely inadvertent, though it does tie in with themes I have been exploring in my poetry work. Another thing that struck me was that the compositions reminded me of Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker, in which two men are guided round the perilous Zone. During the journey the men must throw a bolt so that they take a random and unpredictable route through the Zone. This ties in with Situationist theory and the random journey I took earlier in this blog, though these photographs were all taken in familiar locations. I have taken these using a digital camera on a tripod so that the video and its corresponding photograph are the exact same composition.



The rest of the videos can be found here.

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