2009. április 5., vasárnap


This is my first attempt making a frame myself. It is made from scrap wood, found at one of the sites I photographed, using borrowed tools and was cut on a kitchen chair in the absence of a proper bench. As such there are a few drill marks and the lines aren’t entirely straight. This is in contrast to the somewhat neater (though not entirely without fault) MDF frame I had cut for me. I feel the less than perfect nature of my frame compliments the images’ content and while I will undoubtedly get better at cutting frames, I don’t think I will develop the carpentry skills to escape this scruffy feel. There is a dialogue created here between the neat prints inside the frame, the brand new light fittings and the shabby wood and content of the images. My previous frame had wood blocks to attach it to the wall. I have decided that this distracts from the otherwise striking frame. If I am looking at the frame in Derridan terms as I outlined in my previous post the frame needs to be more or less rectangular. Instead I have decided to experiment with hanging my frames from the ceiling about an inch away from the wall. This will hopefully create a slight amount of movement, giving more of a sense of what it I like to be in the location the images have been taken in; quiet, bright and still but for the slightest of movements.
I also have a couple of new pairs. I feel as though I have reached a stage with the photography aspect of the project where I have my processes honed and I just need to continue photographing and finding the best combinations of images to exhibit.

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