2009. április 15., szerda

The Plan (Revised)

Now I have decided not to use the lit frames, I no longer need to hang the images so close to the wall. This gives me the freedom to experiment with space. What I intend to now do is hang my images in clear Perspex sleeves with fishing line (or some such barely visible wire) at differing depths and heights in the room, illuminated by two large directional lights as illustrated below.

This will force the viewer to engage with the work in a different way than if the work was hung on the wall. Here the viewer may see the images in whichever order he wishes and indeed may duck, crouch, stand on tip toe in order to see images more clearly forcing him to be more active in viewing the piece. There is also potential here to extend the movement from inside the pairs to outside the frame, into the neighbouring piece and so on, by considering how the eye is guided around the images and placing them next to each other. This way the viewer is guided by the movement in the images rather than of their own volition.

This small scale version gives a very rough idea of my vision. I have access to enough of these Perspex frames, but I am at a loss the facilities to print new images and trim the frames down to size due to it still being the easter break. I intend to retain the width of the frames I have available to me (42cm), but the proportions of the images may alter the height. What I can do for now however is prepare my images and hone down the pairs I wish to use for my exhibition and carry on taking images.

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