2009. május 19., kedd

New Images

I have been trying out new combinations of pairs today, including trying to use new images. I feel that the set of pairs I have already exhibited had been developed so much, not just in terms of individual images but also the time I spent getting the pairings to work as hard as possible, that at this late stage there isn't enough time to create new images. For documentation purposes however, here are the images I took today.

The light today has been peculiar, it's been torrential rain then really bright sun and try as I may, these just don't work with any of my existing images. What I need to spend my time doing between now and the degree show is choosing the best existing pairings and working from scratch with the RAW files to blow them up to approx A0 size. The scale of the piece will effect the tone, highlight smaller details and make the images as bold as possible in the context of a show where the rest of the work will probably be on quite a large scale.

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