2009. november 21., szombat


These recent images on my blog are the development of my work towards Laura Elliott’s pamphlet commission. Laura is writing approximately thirty poems in response to her travels between Norwich and its Serbian twin, Novi-Sad. I have been asked by Laura to create a set of images to accompany her book.
For me the most interesting photographs and indeed poems are full of kinetic energy. What I have attempted with these images is to create a series of little dioramas in response to Laura’s writing style. I want the images to be beginnings, rather than endings. For example in this image, for me the interest lies in the empty seats next to the male figure, rather than the man himself.
A recurrent theme which has emerged is the juxtaposition of industrial or man-made elements and nature. This is something which is quite commonplace in smaller cities like Novi-Sad and Norwich and especially in agricultural counties. How the composition draws attention to this is key, at worst this could become an explicit Man versus Earth narrative. I feel I manage to avoid this however and what the reader is left with on a narrative level is a context.
In terms of formal qualities; Novi-Sad is a larger city than Norwich and this has enabled me to develop my style of image-making by allowing me a greater depth of field and in turn a larger stage for my images to play out in. Laura’s work is influenced a lot by Situationist theory and the urban dérive provides a structure for a lot of her note-making and my images are also created on these walks. To take my images further and reflect this way of working I intend to find higher vantage points and create images with a larger physical depth when we return in December.


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