2011. január 10., hétfő


I am currently working on an exhibition, Locus, which will take place in February. A lot of finer details are still being ironed out, but here is a working 'concept' for my contribution to the show:

"For the past five months I have been photographing Anglia Square, a shopping centre in Norwich due to be demolished and replaced by a new shopping precinct. Through the premise of documenting its current state the themes and boundaries of what my work really concerns have emerged. I am interested in the evocation of place using referential forms; photography and (through collaboration with Mike Saunders) field recordings, as opposed to representational forms such as painting.

Photography’s mimetic qualities are representative of a constrained perspective. To this end, there is a narrator present in most photographic images. My work aims to evoke a sense of place which exists independently of the artist, in the unoccupied perspective where the artist-narrator’s presence is covert. His hand is only noticeable by its absence; he is a ghost who releases the shutter.

The strategy I have devised in order to achieve this, firstly imposes physical boundaries which define the area I am working in, stipulating that (within reason) all equipment used has to have been purchased within the limits of Anglia Square. To this end I have been using equipment which provides little artistic control, such as fixed exposure cameras from charity shops. To further the loss of control I have made a conscious effort to shoot objectively and unemotively, avoiding the inclusion of people, before rewinding the exposed film to the beginning of the roll and exposing it again so that any unconscious aspect of the natural gaze is removed.

What we are left with then is perhaps less a fragment of what we see and more a reflection of how we think and remember; a non-unilinear evocation, a trace of something which has existed, presented in a way closer to how we remember it than traditional documentary photography."

The work will be presented with Mike Saunders' field recordings/sound maps, which ever label you deem appropriate, and a selection of work by Sarojini Lewis.
I will document further developments here, including experiments with 35mm slide projections which will also feature in the exhibition.

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