2008. március 4., kedd

Accidental Decollage.

Whilst applying the urban labels we became aware of some areas in which posters and flyers had been torn from the walls and this had resulted in some really interesting collage/decollage effects. It made us think of the Thoughtless Acts images, but perhaps in this case is more unconscious than thoughtless. Any composition that we have found within the decollage is totally accidental, to anyone else it may be entirely insignificant.

In some of the images we have applied urban labels such as 'Collage with Paper and Glass' which instantly announces it as art rather than fly posting. This piece in particular was also framed and mounted above the ground thereby adding to the gallery intonations.

This particular group of images vary slightly from the labels we have previously been applying. Though this is an interesting new way of looking at our environment and could develop in a more creative way, I am not sure whether it is as effective as the more straightforward urban labels.

The rest of the images can be found on Flickr.

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