2008. március 4., kedd

The Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art

Gusztáv Hámos and Katja Pratschke - Transposed Bodies. Hámos and Pratschke use 294 photographs to tell a surreal story which explores and questions our physical versus our mental attractions to people. The narrative is only in a rough chronological order and some of the photographs are supported by short sentences, "Jan's father was a butcher" for example. This makes the narrative more difficult to understand and as such the viewer (or indeed reader) is forced to really engage with the piece in order to fully understand it.

Bertien Van Manen - Give Me Your Image. Give Me Your Image explores the private display of images. Van Manen takes photographs of photographs in their found environment. Most of them were from within Eastern European immigrant family homes. The series makes a statement about the importance of photography, about sentimentality and nostalgia. Van Manen's photographs are not important because they are displayed in a gallery, they are a visual anthropology - 'With the advances of digital or mobile-phone camera technology, this means of keeping private photos and retaining memories and histories is slowly disappearing'. This is particularly pertinent to our work because it is placing every day scenes in an artistic context, creating a composition amongst normailty.

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shamash írta...

Thanks for writing about TRANSPOSED BODIES. This version was created by the curator and isn't autorised by the artits (us).
We are total upset about the falsification of our work and can't understand why it carries our name.
I must apologies in the name of the ludwig muzeum for the piece.
The muzeum just promist to close the installation and hang it in the right way! I hope that they have already done so.
The installation has six chaptres, six tableaus, 7x7 photographs. There is a beautiful artical of Andras Forgach in the Balkon where he discribe the installation and his structure. And there is even a photograph of the original Installation at the Muzeum Ludwig in 2001

Forgách András: Fej fej mellett
Forgách András Fej fej mellett Katja Pratschke & Hámos Gusztáv: Elcserélt testek / Fremdkörper Ludwig Múzeum Budapest - Kortárs Mûvészeti Múzeum ...
www.balkon.hu/balkon_2001_12/11forgach.html - 18k

I hope you will be able to see the installation in the original version very soon.

Greetings, Katja Pratschke & Gusztáv Hámos

shaun írta...

Hi Again Laura and Angus

Not sure what the other comment is about but it looks interesting. The notion of the personal museum is not a new one, it is a coin of phrase within the John Bergers text 'Ways of Seeing,' where he talks about how people surround themselves with images, with posters, postcards, photos etc, each invested with some emotive significance, a lot as an aid to memory, a trigger to the memory banks, either of an event or person. In some respect - to use a Platonic term, an image might be used as a representation of a missing person, either because they are way, or even dead. The image becomes a substitute. It can also be coined using a semantic term - 'Symbolic Creativity,' as defined by Paul Willis. Basically he talks about how as people grow up, they create an identity for themselves, through the things that they surround themselves with - again a kind of personal museum. These are private things, and what is interesting is that these have been put into the public domain. They have been recontextualised, forcing a change of meaning.

Word Image írta...

Katja and Gustáv,

On the contrary, we would like to thank you for reading our blog. We hope you found it as interesting as we found Transposed Bodies. We went back to the Ludwig Museum yesterday and your work has been amended as you described. It was interesting to compare how it was before to how it is now. Was the woman in your photographs Samantha Morton the actress? Again, we really found your work interesting and inspiring, thank you.

Angus Sinclair & Laura Elliott