2008. november 27., csütörtök


I didn’t want to take photos in the snow, but there was work needed doing so I braved the blanketed streets of Norwich. The reason I didn’t want to take photos in the snow was semantics; there is so much meaning and romanticism attached to snow. I have said that what I am looking to do is take photographs of good poems; I think it is hard to put snow in a poem and get away with it, so photography should be no different. I feel these images almost marry the human and technical aspects I have been speaking about. There is a lot of repeated rectangles and straight lines, as there has been before, and the human aspect is endowed by the semantics of the snow primarily and by things such as bicycles, closed doors and windows secondarily. As I have already mentioned however, I feel these don’t quite hit the mark.

Tutorial time this week was also spent discussing the quality of light and tone in my images. There is a marked difference between the light in my photos taken in Britain and Germany, and looking back at other photos I have taken in various countries, there is a shift in the quality of light in these too. Even in spite of the snow this week, the images I took belong with previous images taken in this country. It was mentioned however that I have been using a variety of equipment and file types (this latest set of images were taken as Canon RAW files and converted to Jpeg) and this will obviously have an effect on the light and tonality of my images. In order for my images to be less sporadic I need to begin using the same camera and file type.

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