2008. december 2., kedd


Today I began to play with a shop sign I have turned into a light-box of sorts. The motivation behind this came out of a discussion with one of the university's photography technicians about how I wish to present my photographs. These images are JPEGs laser-printed on to acetate and the light box is a sheet of perspex lit by LEDs

The images looked more seamless stuck behind the perspex (see right), it was less apparent how everything was put together; however the thickness of the perspex and strength (or lack thereof) of the LEDs meant the image looked blurry.

I also tentatively looked at attaching poetry to the images. This brought with it a lot to think about in terms of typography, framing and placing in relation to the images. As this is such a 'can of worms', I have decided to research around the ideas of graphic and concrete poetry before I go any further with attaching words to my images.

I think the next steps in this process will be to hook up some stronger lights inside the box, perhaps to think about painting it a colour other than the garish red tone it has at the moment and making some higher quality acetate prints.

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