2009. március 10., kedd


I came across this piece by American artist Bill Beckley today and it caused me to think about symmetry in my work.

This ‘apparent symmetry’ is both what draws me towards the image (by this I mean the three images as a whole) but at the same time prevents me from seeing much else in the piece. The somewhat clichéd title might have been justified if it were not for the dry technicality of the piece. Despite the fact the symmetry is not prefect; it is none the less close and as such too much a distraction, as I agreed my pairing of the sheds and the house were in my previous entry.

What I might strive for then is an imperfect symmetry or an allusion to
symmetry. This pairing has a peculiar non-symmetry as well as horizontal lines which run through the boundary in the centre but this is then contrasted when we begin to examine the image on a narrative level. They are paired by the sky and negated by the weather amongst other elements which are pushing and pulling. The pairing is grounded however by the fact that this is not a perfect symmetry; the elements are not all contrasting, they are not all complementary but both are present.

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