2010. március 18., csütörtök

Towards an Outcome

These images are not twins. What I mean is they are not identical and they are not so inextricably linked as to exclude the possibility of pairing them with other images. They have been paired in much the same way that twinned cities are paired; through formal qualities.

The images can be read as vignettes where both cities are presented as foreign; they are not leaden with identity yet there is a sense of familiarity brought about by the incidental things that occur in them.

There is a feeling that they could be paired again, that there is another man fishing somewhere who could arrive at any minute. In a sense, reading the image achieves this. What we learn about the places in these images can only be defined by what we know about other places, by off-setting them against our existing knowledge.

We are given the impression that the images occur simultaneously and continually. They have been taken from different cities at different times and through this act of twinning a new place and a new moment is created. As Dyer notes, ‘photography, in a way, is the negation of chronology.’ Its great power is not to freeze time; it is to make it malleable.


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