2010. január 20., szerda

Colour Considerations

As I mentioned in a previous entry - I have been exploring colour processes other than RGB, as well as beginning to understand the use of curves in editing my images in Photoshop. I liken this search for a unique process to the poet’s search for his voice; it is the struggle for an artist to find his idiolect.

In the early days of colour film art photographers were by and large resistant to working in colour. Mary Weston writes; ‘[Edward] Weston’s anxiety about colour film was grounded in what he perceived as its greater realism – that is, its more comprehensive resemblance to the world of experience.’ This greater realism however, is what interests me. It takes the reader as close as a still image possibly can to experience but it can never match it; tones and textures reproduced on paper will never fully replicate the way a human sees. Colour photography subverts realism in its shortcomings, by coming so close to replicating it and failing.

These developments and ideas are going to have to be suspended for the time being; Laura’s pamphlet will be a black and white publication. This is a constraint which I have largely ignored as both Laura and I are of the opinion that the work will not end on the page; we intend to look into venues where we can exhibit the image on a larger scale, in full colour and the poems can be performed.


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